Rebuild of Disponentvillan in Malmberget

The construction of the replica of Disponentvillan, a house originally built for the use of the presidents of LKAB during the early to mid-1900s, may soon begin. A planning application for a fully functioning replica of the original building has now been submitted. The placement of the new building will be at the top of Solbacken in Koskullskulle.

Concept sketch of building

During 2019 the original Disponentvillan, one of Malmbergets most iconic buildings, was deconstructed. An application for building permits for the replica that will replace it, within the boundaries of the conservation agreement between LKAB and the municipality of Gällivare, has been submitted.

Project planning is in full swing and a final reply to the application is expected at the end of June. The plan is then to be able to begin construction by the end of September. The placement of the new Disponentvillan will be at the very top of Solbacken in Koskullskulle, near many of the cultural and historical buildings that have previously been moved from Malmberget.
­"A lot of material from the old Disponentvillan will be reused. We have saved one of the balconies that are still in very good condition and much of the ornamental woodwork, around the windows for example. The old tower, which is in the original design since the 1890s, is also disassembled and will be reused," says Pierre Eriksson, project manager of the urban transformation in Malmberget.

Outwardly the new Disponentvillan will be an exact replica of the original building. The interior will be similar to the original style from 1890, with for example tiled stoves. The hope is that it will be possible to reuse stoves from previously demolished old houses in Malmberget, among them Bolagshotellet. The new Disponentvillan will be used mainly as a conference venue in Malmberget.

"We are happy to announce that the construction of the new Disponentvillan will soon begin. It is important for LKAB to keep this strong connection to our history, while at the same time focusing on the future, says Bo Krogvig, director of strategic projects at LKAB.

The plan is for the project to be completed by the beginning of 2022.