En flygbild över gamla Kiruna centrum

Timetable for selling and moving.

Moving is a major readjustment that it's not easy to put a price on. We have the greatest respect for the fact that rational arguments will come up against feelings and we intend to do our utmost to do what's right. That's why those of you who are concerned will be compensated. Here you'll find out if you are concerned, when and how.

The timetable is updated when the conditions change

The timeframe varies depending on where the property is located within the affected area. Therefore, not everything is affected simultaneously. The schedules are based on forecasts for land movements caused by mining and the need to develop new parts of the communities.

En bild på byggnationer på kvarteret Gladan i Gällivare centrum

Project archive

The urban transformation has gained momentum, and several major projects have already been completed. These changes are not new, and knowledge about the extent of the ore body has existed for a long time. Below, you will find all the projects being carried out in our communities.