The changes occur quickly. Several projects in the community is already completed, started or in the planning stage. Some buildings will be moved and others closed-down. In many places, we're building. Stay up to date on what is happening and find out if you are affected and have to move.

The timetable will be updated as conditions change

The time perspective looks a little different depending on where inside a particular area properties are located. Large parts of the communities are thus not all concerned at the same time.

The timetables are based on forecasts that are made of ground movements caused by the mine and the need to develop new parts of the communities. More information becomes available all the time and the timetables are updated when things change.


This map shows the years between which LKAB wishes to purchase the properties and how long people can continue to live in the areas in question. You'll find it here. When you have sold your property to LKAB, this does not mean that you have to move at once. You can rent your home or business premises until the time comes.

Project map

This map shows all the ongoing projects around the communities. You'll find it here. In order for the affected areas to be closed down according to the timetable, development of the new areas must take place simultaneously. Before one area can be built, the preparatory land and infrastructure work is necessary to create the conditions for new residential areas to grow.