What's happening with urban transformation in 2018?

2017 saw major developments in urban transformation in both Kiruna and Malmberget. 2018 is no exception; changes are continuing at the same rate.

New residential areas are emerging, while many buildings are being demolished in areas that are impacted by urban transformation. In many places preparatory work for new roads and other infrastructure, as well as planning of new areas, is under way. At the same time, decommissioned areas will be redesignated as land for industrial use. In all, LKAB has begun, or will begin, construction of about 600 residential units in Gällivare and about 160 dwellings in Kiruna.

"Urban transformation in both locations picked up speed last year and the changes became considerably more visible. Development must take precedence over decommissioning and we must continue to realize these changes responsibly. Together, we are making the journey towards the creation of new communities," says Stefan Hämäläinen, LKAB's manager for urban transformation.

Here's what's happening in Kiruna in 2018:

  • LKAB begins construction of about 100 dwellings near the foot of Luossavaara during the spring.
  • Riksbyggen begins construction of 47 units in the Fjällvyn housing cooperative on the slopes of Luossavaara during the spring.
  • LKAB will begin preparatory ground and infrastructure work in the Jägarskolan area during the spring to enable the start of residential construction during 2019.
  • Kiruna's new city hall, Kristallen, will be completed this summer. LKAB will hand over the building to the Municipality of Kiruna for occupancy in the autumn.
  • LKAB begins construction of about 60 dwellings in quarter 4 of Kiruna's new city centre during the summer.
  • Three Bläckhorn-style brick buildings, the apartments buildings on Gruvfogdegatan and LKAB's foremen's club will be demolished at different times during the period June 2018 – June 2019 to make way for development of the Mine City Park.
  • A pilot trial is planned at the northern end of Lake Ala Lombolo this summer to assess technology that can be used to decontaminate the lake.
  • Arbetarbostaden B5 and the three so-called Bläckhorn houses that have been moved to Luossavaara will be renovated during autumn and winter 2018.
  • Hjalmar Lundbohmsgården, a heritage building, is being inspected to determine the extent of the need for renovation, which will begin in the winter of 2018.
  • The so-called Ingenjörsvillan will be rebuilt and used by LKAB as a conference and training centre with overnight accommodation.
  • LKAB, the Municipality of Kiruna and the County Administrative Board of Norrbotten are determining which buildings are to be relocated and preserved as national heritage sites.
  • The first phase of construction of Highway E10 between Karhuniemi and Kurravaaravägen continues.

Changes in Malmberget and Gällivare in 2018:

  • In the relocated heritage buildings at Solbacken in Koskullskulle, 35 apartments are ready for occupancy and families will move in during the first quarter. An additional 30 apartments will be ready during the autumn.
  • At Repisvaara, 35 cooperative housing units will be ready for occupancy during the spring.
  • In the Dansaren quarter in Gällivare, 22 apartment units will be ready for occupancy during the spring.
  • LKAB continues construction of 102 residential units in the Forsbacken quarter in Gällivare; four of the buildings will be ready for occupancy in the autumn.
  • On Genvägen in Koskullskulle, 40 apartment units will be ready for occupancy during the summer.
  • Construction of single-family homes at Repisvaara Mitten continues, and construction of single-family homes and multi-family dwellings begins at Repisvaara Södra and Repisvaara Norra in the spring.
  • Several buildings in Malmberget, including the former district healthcare centre, are being demolished.
  • Perimeter fencing at the Johannes/Hermelin site will be moved during the autumn.
  • Planning is under way in preparation for relocation of the remaining five heritage buildings that will be moved from Malmberget to Solbacken in Koskullskulle.
  • A new tunnel will be built under the E45 at the Repisvaara/Dundret intersection to improve safety for road users. Construction begins in April and is expected to reach completion during the autumn.