Mine City Parks

No-one should need to live next door to an industrial mining area. LKAB and Kiruna municipality have therefore come to an agreement that they will build parks in the areas of the town to be phased out, known as the Mine City Parks.

The ice rink in the Mine City Park in Kiruna is a popular spot.

A gentle transition between mine and city

The Mine City Parks are a collaboration between LKAB and Kiruna municipality and represent a gentle transition between mine and city. The transformation from residential area to park area and finally industrial mining area will take place gradually.

When it is time to move or demolish the houses, the area will still be accessible to the public for a time. The first thing to be affected is not the buildings themselves; just the electrical cables and water conduits. The parks can be enjoyed by inhabitants and visitors alike, until the land becomes part of LKAB’s industrial mining area, when the area will no longer be accessible.

Uplifting environments

In the Mine City Parks, uplifting environments are created with the purpose of contributing to an attractive town during the transformation process. Footpaths, street lights, lawns and trees will be preserved. Exactly how the park will look and what activities will be taking place there will vary from one part to another. This can also change over time, as the Mine City Parks are in a constant state of change whilst the mining operations are underway.

The first part of the park areas has been used for a number of events since its inauguration, including health promotion days, barbecues, skating and art exhibitions.

Changing these areas places great demands on us and the changes affect many, not least those living in the area. Over the next few years, the Mine City Parks will develop in line with the deconstruction of parts of the town, which entails that a number of buildings will be phased out and moved.