Nostalgia in the air

In the areas affected by the changes are a number of the city's most unique, loved and fascinating buildings. Like their surrounding areas, they have been documented extensively prior to their phasing out.

The phasing out process must be carried out with utmost respect and understanding. To change these areas places great demands on us. We must work in a sustainable manner and economise with cultural environments, which means that we must attempt to preserve the ideology and cultural environments to as great an extent as possible. Changes must always be made with a generous dose of consideration.

Before changes can be made to the area, areas and buildings must be documented in accordance with requirements set by the county administrative board and the municipality. A demolition permit can only be issued once adequate documentation has been produced. LKAB is financing and running an extensive documentation project in cooperation with the municipalities as part of its compensation to the community. Through photographs, films, books and models, the environments and memories live on, though in a new version.

Remembrance model of Malmberget

From east to west. From south to north. Malmberget’s history along all points of the compass shall be preserved. A gigantic model of Malmberget has been constructed, in which both the past and present are depicted for those who wish to remember.

The model “Malmberget – Then and Now” is part of Gällivare municipality’s project “Documenting Malmberget”, to which LKAB is a co-financier. The model, which covers an area of some 170m² and is built on a scale of 1:200, contains history dating back to the 1950s. The documentation in the project also includes photographs, interviews with people and documentation from associations and companies.

Heritage buildings to be moved

LKAB and the municipality have come to the agreement that LKAB will preserve some 30 of the heritage buildings located in Malmberget. The plan is to move them to Koskullskulle. The 100+ year-old buildings are robustly built, often in timber and with masterful carpentry. The advantage is that the buildings will be preserved. Even the environment surrounding them will be recreated. Preservation of the buildings is also a requirement set by the County Administrative Board in Norrbotten.

A number of houses has also moved from the Bolagsområdet area of Malmberget to Koskullskulle.