We meet the needs of the community

When new areas are developed and others are closed down, the development always comes before the close-down.

Kiruna’s new town hall is something out of the ordinary.

n important starting point is that new homes, service and infrastructure are ready or under construction before LKAB closes down the earlier buildings. There has to be more time to prepare new areas before the existing ones need to be emptied. The construction and demolition processes must not stop halfway through.

We want to help create attractive communities with beautiful surroundings, good housing and labour markets and a rich choice of entertainment, culture, sport and outdoor life.

Development before closure

In order for the affected areas to be closed down according to the timetable, development of the new areas must take place simultaneously. Before one area can be built, the preparatory land and infrastructure work is necessary to create the conditions for new residential areas to grow.

Another important starting point is that LKAB has access to buildable land in both Gällivare and Kiruna and that the land we intend to build on has a detailed plan. We work closely with the municipalities to create the right conditions for the planned construction.


Cultural buildings in Kiruna


Cultural buildings in Malmberget


Demolished apartments


New apartments

A safe transformation

A safe urban transformation requires LKAB and the municipalities to agree how the conversion should be carried out and who is responsible for what during the entire process. The agreements are regulated in the coordination, cooperation and implementation contract.

The urban transformation is a democratic process in which views and needs from the public are taken extremely seriously. We can only build the Malmfälten of the future if we work together.