En flygbild över gamla Kiruna centrum

To business owners, authorities and organisations

This is how we will compensate companies, authorities and organisations. Moving is an adjustment and a long process. There are different time perspectives depending on where your business premises are in the affected area. Here you can find everything you need to know before the move.

The process

We understand that you have many questions, and we will do our best to answer your concerns regarding the timing of the impact, possible relocation options, and how the move itself will be carried out. However, we want to emphasize that it can be challenging to provide direct and simple answers because LKAB does not have complete control over the entire transformation process, and it involves multiple parties. An urban transformation representative from LKAB will contact you to schedule the initial meeting, where you can receive more detailed information and discuss your specific needs and questions.

Första mötet

Well before the mining will affect the current building and your property, you will be informed about when you will be affected by the urban transformation. We understand that you have a lot of questions. It is entirely natural to have questions about when you will be affected, where you will go and how the move will work, and we will answer them as well as we can. An urban transformation officer from LKAB will contact you and you will reach agreement about an initial meeting. At the first meeting, you will talk about possibilities, requirements and wishes for the new premises.

Offer – a choice for the future

Companies, organisations and authorities that need to move as a result of LKAB's continued mining will be compensated in several parts.<br><br>Businesses that lease premises will be offered new premises with a lease escalation of up to five years, provided the lease costs are higher.<br><br>In addition to this, LKAB is responsible for the relocation costs and the loss of profit associated with the move and during the start-up time. LKAB will replace the current premises with new premises with equivalent function. The premises will not be a copy of the old ones, but they will be comparable. If premises are available in the existing stock of property, these may also be offered.<br><br>If you own your property where the business operates, you are also covered by the compensation that applies to property owners, i.e. you will be compensated with a replacement building or money.<br><br>Relocation Costs<br>LKAB also offers assistance with moving interior, furniture, and goods to the new location. This means that LKAB covers the costs of the actual relocation to the offered premises.<br>Resultatbortfall<br><br>In the event of any loss of income associated with the move to the new premises, LKAB offers compensation. It's essential to carry out the move efficiently to minimize financial losses. By coordinating various marketing activities and ensuring a smooth relocation, the income loss can be limited. Good cooperation among all parties is crucial to achieve this.

Valuing the business

If you run a business, your business will be analysed before and after the move to enable LKAB to compensate for lost profits associated with the move to new premises. The economic analysis will be performed by an independent party.<br><br>The premises currently used by your business are required to be adapted to the specific needs of the business, including the number of employees, size, location and the market in which you operate, for example wholesale trade, retail or office premises.<br><br>Relocation costs<br>LKAB offers to move the interior fittings, furniture and goods to the new premises, which means that LKAB will pay the costs associated with the relocation.<br><br>Loss of profit<br>LKAB will compensate for loss of profit. Profit is affected by how effectively the move is done. The economic loss can be limited by coordinating different marketing activities with a successful and effective move. Success is dependent on good cooperation.<br><br>Valuation principles and lease escalation<br>An independent party carries out the economic analysis of the business. The analysis is used as a basis for calculating the loss of profit and lease escalation.<br><br>Lease escalation means that the rent is increased successively over a period of up to five years for companies, organisations and authorities. The escalation is controlled by the economic analysis carried out for the business and lease before and after the move to new premises. The escalation is calculated for equivalent square metres in the previous premises. If the area of the premises is increased, there will be no escalation for the additional area of the premises. The escalation is attached to you as an individual tenant if you have been offered replacement premises. The escalation does not follow your business if you choose to change premises during the escalation period.

LKAB offers moving assistance with the following:

The above relates to fittings owned by the company, organisation or authority and is therefore included in the list of the business assets. These also include stocks that have been made available, for example by a supplier. Fixtures that belong to the property will not be replaced by LKAB.

Moving procedures

You will receive an offer of new premises, together we will analyse whether if suits your business. Then, we will draw up a list of actions and a timetable which take into account your specific business. We will draw up an agreement for the entire move.<br>After we have found premises together that suit your business, it is time to start planning the move in detail.<br><br>The following applies to the move:<br>LKAB will engage a removal firm to assist you to dismantle and move existing fittings, alarm and subscription, and to fit them in your new premises. Cleaning and landfill of material that cannot be recycled and evaluating the move and follow-up<br><br>Minimising loss of profit and communicating the move:<br>In order to ensure that the move goes as smoothly as possible and, in this way, to minimise the loss of profit, it is important that the move is efficient. Both parties must be involved. Prepare employees to adapt the business to new premises.<br><br>We encourage joint marketing activities when the move takes place in order to make customers and visitors aware of the change.<br>

We understand that you have many questions

We will do our best to answer questions regarding when you will be affected, where you can move, and how the relocation will take place. However, it can often be challenging to provide straightforward and simple answers because LKAB does not have complete control over the entire transformation, and multiple parties are involved.