Information about cookies

A cookie is a text file that a website you visit requests to store on your computer. Cookies are generally used to provide visitors access to various features and to analyze how the site is used.

There are two types of cookies:

  1. A permanent cookie remains on the visitor’s computer for a certain period.
  2. A session cookie is temporarily stored in the computer’s memory while the visitor is on a webpage. Session cookies disappear when you close your browser.

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How we use cookies

Cookies on this website are mainly used for three different purposes:

  1. Statistics and tracking of visitors’ interest in different types of information.
  2. To introduce so-called “states” for certain functions on the website, which is a prerequisite for the user to be able to make certain functional choices and settings on the website.
  3. To manage certain basic functions, such as video playback and some search support functions.

No personal information, such as email or name, is saved about the visitor through the cookies used on the website.

Here are the details of how cookies are used on


Matomo Analytics, an open-source-based analytics service provided by Matomo, is used to collect and compile statistics about visitors’ usage patterns, using first-party cookies placed on your computer (small text files). We do not collect your full IP address.

The purpose of Matomo Analytics is to evaluate the general usage of our website and compile reports on activities. The system and all data collected by Matomo Analytics are stored on LKAB’s servers in Sweden and are not transferred to other servers unless required by applicable laws and regulations.

If you choose not to accept cookies, no information will be collected, but please note that in that case, you may not be able to use the website’s features fully.


The website uses features from the services and to enable video playback.

How to Avoid Cookies:

If you do not want us to store anything other than necessary cookies in your browser, you can change your settings at any time.

If you do not accept cookies, you can turn off cookies in your browser’s security settings. You can also set the browser to prompt you every time the website tries to place a cookie on your computer. Each type of browser provides these functions in different ways; see the browser’s help pages for more information.

How We Handle Personal Data and GDPR:

Follow the link for more information about GDPR.