More heritage buildings to be relocated

June 9, 2017
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On 14-15 June two heritage buildings will be moved to their new location – the foot of Luossavaara Mountain. The buildings to be move are so-called bläckhorn houses B51 and B52.

On 14-15 June it will be time for two more heritage buildings to be moved to a new address. The so-called bläckhorn houses B51 and B52 will be moved from Bolagsområdet to LKAB’s development site at Luossavaara. Arbetarbostaden B5 and bläckhorn house B53 have already been moved to the area.

During the year, seven heritage buildings are being moved from Bolagsområdet to LKAB’s development site at Luossavaara. In addition, the so-called Länsmansbostaden will be moved to the new urban core, east of the present urban centre.

The buildings are being transported on specially adapted vehicles that require access along the relocation route. Please note that traffic access will be restricted during the transport, for which the main route is Highway E10 northbound. Alternative routes for emergency services vehicles will be available during transport of the buildings.

The Bläckhorn move: B52 will be moved on Wednesday 14 June, at 07:00 a.m. and B51 will be moved on Thursday 15 June, at 07:00 a.m.

Buildings to be moved during 2017: Arbetarbostaden B5, bläckhorn houses B51, B52 and B53, as well as Ingenjörsvillan, Bolagshotellet, Hjalmar Lundbohmsgården and Länsmansbostaden.

Relocation concluded: October 2017