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The time perspective looks a little different depending on where inside a particular area properties are located. Large parts of the communities are not all affected at the same time.

Here you can find the timetables:
Time to move Malmberget.
Time to move Kiruna.

About 5,000 homes and 700,000 square metres of residential, business and industry premises will be affected. In the long term, almost 10,000 people, about a quarter of Malmfälten’s population, will need to move. 160 shops and companies will have to relocate.

Yes. There are some differences but the urban transformations will mostly be made in similar ways. The timetables, the areas and how the transformations are made are different but everyone affected will be compensated in the same way.

In Kiruna and Malmberget, that are situated in Norrbotten, the area is called Malmfälten (“The Ore Fields”). Kiruna Municipality has decided that about one third of the central parts of Kiruna will be relocated to a new place three kilometres east of the present city centre. Gällivare Municipality has decided that Gällivare will be densified and expanded with public amenities when most of Malmberget is demolished.

The urban transformations have to be made to make it possible for LKAB to mine the ore located beneath the communities. It is very important for LKAB to be able to continue to create prosperity by offering work, paying taxes and being an active member of Swedish society. LKAB is also one of Sweden’s biggest export companies. 30-50% of LKAB’s profit goes straight into the public treasury.

An urban transformation means that major changes take place in a community. The urban transformation in Kiruna and Malmberget involves moving a large number of properties to enable LKAB to continue mining iron ore in the underground mines. The underground mining affects the ground.

LKAB stands for Luossavaara Kiirunavaara AB, one one of Sweden’s oldest industrial companies. LKAB’s core business is mining and processing iron ore for the steel industry. LKAB’s mines and refining plants are located in Malmfälten in the north of Sweden. Our operations are mainly in Kiruna, Malmberget and Svappavaara and we have the world’s two biggest underground iron ore mines.

No. LKAB only compensates people who have to move due to its mining operations.

Yes, as far as it can be. If conditions change, the timetables will of course have to be adjusted but the aim is to be able to work according to the timetables we have today.

New homes are being built in both Kiruna and Malmberget and preparatory groundwork is going on.

The mine’s and the community’s interest in gaining access to the land will then be weighed against the individual’s need to stay. The matter will be examined by the Municipality and the Mining Inspectorate of Sweden. LKAB can never force anyone to move.

LKAB will inform people who have to move about when their home or business premises are concerned. Discussions will then begin on a new home or new business premises. LKAB will compensate everyone who has to move with either money, a new house, new premises or a new apartment in the new location. The solutions will be different depending on what property each individual lives in or owns and the person concerned’s wishes. Not everyone has to move at the same time; as more homes and premises are built, moving chains will start.

Bilden visar tidsplanen för flytt av Kiruna centrum och närliggande områden.

Is there a timetable for my property?

We provide a comprehensive timetable for all properties. In our "Timetable for selling and moving" service, you can find more information about when different parts of our operational areas in Kiruna and Malmberget/Gällivare will be affected.

We are available to assist you.

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