For people who own a house

This is how we compensate you if you own a detached house. Selling a property is a big decision, a long process and an important transaction. Here is everything you need to know before the sale and how the process works.

A house in the sunset.

First meeting

In good time before the mining affects the current building and your property, you will be informed about when you will be affected by the urban transformation. We understand that you have a lot of questions. It is entirely natural to have questions about when you will be affected, where you will go and how the move will work, and we will answer them as well as we can. An urban transformation officer from LKAB will contact you and you will reach agreement about an initial meeting.

If you are uncertain about whether and when you will be affected, check out our move tracker on this page "Time to move":
Time to move Malmberget.
Time to move Kiruna.


An independent property valuer will carry out a market valuation of each individual detached house. The valuation is fair when individual differences and disparities influence the price.


This means that if you have renovated or rebuilt your house and improved the standard, you will have a higher valuation than someone who has not done the same. The size of the plot also influences the value of your property.

The total value of the house and land is used as a basis for the replacement property or compensation sum. The basis for your compensation is the market value of your house, according to the valuation.

Valuation principles

Malmberget: The house is valued without any effect of the urban transformation process. This means that the house is valued on the same basis of a comparable house in Gällivare.

Kiruna: The house is valued without any effect of the urban transformation process.

Once your property has been valued, you will have access to the valuation, which is sent to you. After that, it is time to start considering whether you want to have a replacement house or the money based on the valuation.

Our offer - a choice for your future

You can choose between:

  • A house with equal value to your present house. The house will not be a copy of the old house either in terms of architecture or materials. But it will be comparable.
  • A sum of money that equals the market value plus 25 percent.

Choosing a house

If you choose a house, you will be able to choose from several house designs. The house designs on offer will depend on the supplier that LKAB cooperates with and the market value of your house.

You will be offered a replacement house with the same value as your current house. In addition to this, you can choose an add-on, for example a larger or different house design, a higher standard or better equipment. The add-ons available will depend on what is offered by the property supplier. The add-ons will cost more and you can order them directly from the property supplier through a separate contract.

Location of the house

LKAB owns the land within the urban area that is not affected by the mining. In consultation with you, we will attempt to find solutions that meet your requirements and wishes with regard to location. When you sell your property to LKAB, you will sign a contract. This means that LKAB will gain access to the land where your current house is located, and in return you receive the land where your future house will be located.

Drawing lots if several parties want the same plot

The plots in the available areas are distributed based on the property owners' wishes. If you are one of several owners who want to have the same plot, lots will be drawn to decide who receives the plot.

Choosing money

If you choose to take money instead of a new house, you will receive a single payment from LKAB. The payment is the market value according to the valuation plus a supplement of 25 percent.

Who is responsible for what in the house process?

LKAB is responsible for providing property owners with an offer of a house or money. We are also responsible for ordering your new detached house, for laying tarmac on the drive and for sowing the lawn. LKAB's role finishes once the final inspection has been carried out.

The house supplier is responsible for ensuring that the house is constructed in accordance with the order, for the guarantee and for fixing faults that are identified during the inspection. The house supplier is also responsible for consulting with you during the guarantee period.

The property owner is responsible for ordering and paying for add-ons and any tax effects, and for caring for the green spaces.


Once you have made your choice in consultation with LKAB's urban transformation officer, the processes differ depending on the choices you have made. If you have chosen a house, a contract is signed and LKAB orders the house. You purchase your add-ons directly from the house supplier and the construction starts. If you have chosen to have the money, a contract is signed between you and LKAB. On the agreed completion date, LKAB pays the purchase price to you as property owner.

Remember the tax if you make a profit on the sale. Read more on the Tax Authority's website, or contact your local tax office.

After sale

Once the property has been sold to LKAB, this does not mean that you are required to move immediately. You can choose to remain for a limited time as a tenant of LKAB Fastigheter until the area is closed down. If you have chose a replacement house, you can remain until you can move into the new house.